At CS2, we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented organization. Being part of a family means supporting one another, offering opportunities for growth and development, and offering as many advantages as possible. Our employees are at the core of our company’s success and it is our pleasure to support them in their careers and their lives.


It is important to us that our employees and their families have the medical coverage that meets their health and financial needs.

We offer three (3) health plan options with CS2 covering up to 85% of the premium costs. These plans allow employees to select the level of coverage that best meets their needs while providing the freedom to choose their doctors from the largest health care system in the area.

A full Dental program is also offered, covering preventative care, major services, and orthodontia. We also offer a Vision plan covering exams, glasses, and contact lenses. Both of these are true insurance plans – not discount programs that are often touted as “dental and vision plans.”


Ever willing to meet our employee’s needs, CS2 is proud of the recent addition of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to our benefits package. The FSA can be used to cover health and childcare expenses and are contributed to on a pre-tax basis, creating a tax advantage and savings for the employees. To maximize convenience, the FSA utilizes a Debit Card, minimizing paperwork and expense tracking. A $500 annual rollover amount insures that your funds are available for your use.


Anything can happen and accidents and illness can strike when least expected. We want to make sure that you and yours are taken care of, no matter the situation. To that end, CS2 100% funds the following:

  • Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (equal to the employee salary)
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability

Additionally, our employees may choose additional amounts of Life AD&D for themselves, their spouse, and/or their dependents on a voluntary basis.


CS2 recognizes the essential nature of a strong work/life balance. We want our employees to have the piece of mind that comes from knowing that family demands are understood and are accommodated to the best of our ability. To that end, we offer flexible schedules (within the bounds of the contract/customer requirements) and personal time off (PTO) that can be used for vacation, sick days, personal days, or to care for family members. Our employees enjoy 160 hours of PTO per year, as well as 10 paid federal holidays. Where allowed, Comp/Credit Time may also be available for our employees to accrue and use when they need to be out of the office.

For those who don’t utilize the full amount of PTO allotted, CS2 allows a portion to be rolled over from year-to-year.


Planning for retirement is just as important as planning for your career. CS2 makes this easier with a 401(k) program that offers both pre-tax and post-tax (Roth) plans to all qualified employees. We offer an automatic 3% contribution even to those employees who aren’t actively contributing to the 401(k) plan. For those who choose to contribute, CS2 will match up to 8%. Additionally, CS2 may elect to offer a 2% Profit Sharing contribution at their discretion.


Learning is a core value at CS2 and we consider ourselves partners with our employees in their professional development. College classes, training opportunities, workshops, and seminars are encouraged. Tuition assistance is available and we work with our employees to create individualized learning plans, allowing employees to meet their individual professional goals and providing our customers with knowledgeable, proficient team members.


CS2 is a growing company with many career opportunities available. We encourage our employees to refer qualified candidates and offer a Referral Bonus for placements. Bonuses are paid to employees who refer a candidate that is successfully hired in a full-time, billable, SCI cleared position. There is no flat rate for the referral bonus; it is determined at the time of hire based on the qualifications of the candidate and the position filled.


**All benefits subject to change**

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